King Construction Services Throughout the State of Iowa

As a full-service construction company, King Construction is equipped to provide everything from pre-construction planning and forecasting, to resource and partner management, budget oversight, and trade services.

No building is too big or too small for our vast expertise. We have nearly seven decades of experience and are skilled in customizing spaces to meet our clients’ specific needs and project goals.

Pre-Engineered Building Systems Locally that are Trusted Internationally

King Construction is a proud Butler Builder® providing local, custom solutions backed by Butler Manufacturing’s global reputation. The amazing style, versatility, and affordability of Butler® buildings make them the top choice for a variety of facilities.

Whether you’re looking for a simple building solution, a retrofit roof, or a multiple building complex, Butler® buildings offer a fast, affordable, architecturally appealing, and environmentally-friendly solution with many significant advantages.

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Butler has more than 100 years of experience and is the world’s leading producer of building system solutions. Ideal for religious, manufacturing, athletic, and community facilities, Butler® building and roof systems offer superior performance, aesthetically pleasing design options, and proven sustainability attributes.

Consider King Construction and Butler Manufacturing™ building systems for your next project.

General Contractor

Pre-Construction Services

With proper and thoughtful planning King Construction is able to successfully bring your plans to life. Planning is what our standards are built upon. King Construction’s project management team prepares, documents, and forecasts for every project to ensure no details are left out – ensuring a build that is delivered on-time and on-budget.

Construction Services

Every King Construction project is constructed soundly, beautifully, and professionally -inside and out. We utilize superior materials, and when coupled with our vast experience, we’re able to offer our clients the best possible value and project outcome


King Construction is ready to serve you with your renovation and remodeling needs. Our team knows that not every project starts with site selection and new construction. Many require upgrades and additions to existing structures. We’re equipped and have the experience to handle all of the above.

No matter if you’re expanding or redesigning your building or home, our team is experienced and ready to bring your vision to life. We offer full-service general construction services and handle commercial and residential remodeling and renovations of any size. We’re able to bring in our own design partners, or work within your pre-drawn plans. Our services include expansions, reconstructions and aesthetic upgrades.

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King Construction self-performs carpentry work. This results in time saved, money saved, and quality control for you and your project. King Construction is able to perform to timelines, budgets and standards based on the way that we do business and your goals for the project.

Our carpenters are the professionals that carry out from framing to trim out that needs to get done on any project. With King Construction, we can handle it all for you.


Concrete is the most frequently used material in construction. Because of this, King Construction self-performs the concrete work on our projects. This results in time saved, money saved, and quality control for you and your project. King Construction is able to perform to timelines, budgets and standards based on the way we do business and your goals for the project.

Concrete typically serves as the foundation of the houses that we live in, and the buildings that we work in. For this reason, King Construction installs the foundations for all projects. The foundation must be built well from the start – not only ensuring the safety of those during the build but also those that will live or work in the finished space.

Steel Building Construction

Steel building construction is considered a trade specialty and typically performed by a subcontractor. Large buildings, commercial or industrial, require the skill of an expert erector to ensure proper assembly and optimal integrity of the large metal structure.

King Construction is skilled enough to wear both hats, specializing in steel erection while serving as the general contractor. That means you’re getting a two-for-one: skilled-labor, top-notch management, and competitive pricing – all under one contact!

We are highly skilled in all facets of the steel structure assembly process. The position requires a great level of training which guarantees the building shell is assembled properly and will provide years of performance with the highest structural integrity.

Years of experience as a general contractor and steel building erector allows King to meet and exceed owner expectations on industrial, commercial, residential, and community projects.